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I’m primarily a Technical Artist with a focus on workflow pipelines, Unity level editing / level design, and automating repetitive art tasks by scripting in Maya, Unity, and Photoshop. Additionally, I have experience with C#, shaders, UI / UX, mobile optimization, profiling, and debugging; alongside being a 3D generalist with modeling, rigging, animation, sculpting, and texturing experience. I also have experience with filmmaking, virtual production, and world building. 

Finally, I have extensive dev experience with Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality R&D and commercial productions, including ARKit / ARCore, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest / Rift, and HTC Vive. Over about 18 years I've shepherded more than 2,000 people through XR experiences, and I still love seeing the smile of wonder on people's faces.

Here you can find my resume and long form bioContact me here!


Tech Art / Experiments

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