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Bradley Newman - Square Headshot (Color)

I've always enjoyed straddling the worlds of tech and art, and being the "glue" between engineers and artists.  While studying traditional Fine Art during my undergrad, I also studied 3D animation, interactive art, and VR. My senior year I worked for a 360 stereoscopic video startup. This led me to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Southern California where I studied interactive media and became more deeply engaged with XR. After graduating, I remained at USC to continue my work in XR Research. Some notable areas included using VR to treat psychological disorders like PTSD, and prototyping VR games to make motor rehab more fun for stroke patients. Additionally, I worked on research that used mobile phone components to create affordable VR displays, which later inspired the Oculus Rift.


After that, I managed a research lab where we worked on more entertainment centric research into how XR could be used to expand and define the future of storytelling


I later helped found an XR studio where we worked on an architectural visualization, on a VR app for visualizing and editing MRI brain scans of Alzheimer's patients, an unreleased VR interactive music project, an underwater VR Badminton game, and a VR gardening game called Fujii.

Most recently, I worked on a cross-platform educational MMO called Adventure Academy.

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