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Adventure Academy

I work on an educational MMO called Adventure Academy

My primary responsibilities include:

  • Art Pipeline and Asset Management (from Maya to Unity)

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Character Rigging of pets that players can adopt and capture during trivia games

  • Scene Hierarchy organization and Prefab management

  • Art Workflows and Documentation

  • Shaders

  • Cinematics

  • Assisting with Art Outsourcing

One of the largest efforts I led was helping develop a library of pets that kids could adopt, run around with, and feed. I contributed to the character rigging, export pipeline, prefab setup, and custom shaders.

After the success of pets in Adventure Academy, I was involved in the prototyping and production of the Astralands zone where players could rescue Intellipets while engaging in Pokémon style turned based trivia. 


My responsibilities included:


  • Planning how to organize the assets in the level and keep them optimized, and scalable so they could be used elsewhere in the project.

  • Helped with Trivia UI and FX.

  • Custom shaders for terrain, trees, crystals, and coins.

  • Setting up materials that use third party shaders for gems and water.

  • Setting up assets to work with a third party physics system.

  • Creation of a script and set of materials that can fade out things like trees when they occlude the camera's view of the player.

  • NPC animation controllers and scripted behaviors for turning, talking, and randomized actions.

  • Profiling and optimization to make it run on low-end mobile devices.

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