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Malibu Rum 

Underwater Badminton VR

This project was a 2-player VR badminton game created for Malibu Rum. The game was showcased at location based entertainment marketing events across the country. I worked with RareFaction and Jaunt Studios on the following:

  • Created kelp shuttlecock with bubble particle FX.

  • Created instanced compute shader flocking school of fish. 

  • Co-Designed the Avatar suits, rackets, and kelp shuttlecock.

  • Co-Designed and created the surrounding environment, including the water, caustics, plant life, lighting, and post processing.

  • Designing the UX / UI for a system where players must enter their date of birth, and select which hand they hold the racket with.

  • Animating and creating the UI  and FX for the ending screens when a player wins or loses.

  • Scripting a custom "chaperone" boundaries system to prevent players from straying outside their play space.

The following shows an abridged version of the gameplay:


The following shows the kelp shuttlecock that used dynamic cloth sim with inverted gravity to emulate an underwater flow effect.

ShuttlecockConcepts v4-2.jpg


This gallery shows some concepts and WIP avatars I helped design and create. I handled all the modeling, rigging, texturing, and custom shaders.

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