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Art Pipeline


The following is my example of an art pipeline for creating assets in Maya and exporting them to Unity. The focus is on UI development, and automating repetitive tasks.


It features:

  • Maya Dockable Main Window UI:

    • Loading a UI from code generated in Qt Designer.

    • Creating, showing, restoring, and destroying a Dockable Window safely.

    • Scaling UI Widgets based on Maya's DPI Settings.

  • Memory Management to delete and reload a Python module without restarting Maya.

  • Automating naming conventions for different asset types.

  • Automating the export of assets to a Unity project.

  • Baking animation, removing the rig, and exporting only the skeleton.

  • Assigning attributes in Maya that can be parsed in Unity to automate animation import settings, and prefab creation for static meshes.

The repository with a detailed ReadMe can be found here:

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