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  • Art Production Pipeline: Automation of Exporting and Importing Assets, Characters, Animation, Environments, Props, etc.

  • Profiling and Mobile Optimization

  • C#, Javascript, Python, PyMel / PyQT / Mel for Maya, Lua

  • Unity Shaders

  • 3d Modeling, Texturing, Basic Rigging, Animation

  • XR Prototyping, UX / UI, Game Design

  • VR Development with Oculus Quest / Rift, HTC Vive, GearVR

  • AR Development with Magic Leap, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, Intel RealSense, Metaio

  • Mixed Reality Development with motion capture systems (OptiTrack, Phasespace) for tracking physical props, HMDs, and player's bodies

  • Motion Capture, Tracking for VR and AR

  • Photoshop Extension Scripting / Actions

  • Technical Writing / Documentation

  • Unity Engine: (Professional Level Experience, since 2007)

  • Unreal Engine: (Beginner Level Experience)

  • Maya (Professional Level Experience)

  • 3ds Max, Z‐Brush, Mudbox, xNormal

  • Substance Painter (basic knowledge of baking and painting)

  • Git, Plastic, SVN

  • Adobe (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Audition)

  • Agisoft Photoscan, Autodesk Remake, MeshLab

  • JIRA, Excel, Microsoft Project

XR Displays
  • Prototypes of Head Mounted Displays, Head Mounted Projectors and Augmented Reality

  • Stereoscopic Projection / Projection Mapping

  • Retroreflective Screens

  • Transparent “Pseudo‐Holographic” Screens




​Technical Artist
Age of Learning
Feb 2020 - Dec 2022

I worked on an educational MMO called Adventure Academy


My primary responsibilities included:

  • Art Pipeline, Automation Tools, and Asset Management (from Maya to Unity)

  • Profiling and Mobile Optimization

  • Character Rigging of pets that players can adopt and capture during trivia games

  • Scene Hierarchy organization and Prefab management

  • Working with Engineers, Artists, and Stakeholders to develop workflows and deliver content that met quality and performance requirements.

  • Shaders

  • Debugging

  • Documentation

  • Cinematics

  • Assisting with Art Outsourcing

Project: Fujii


May 2018 – Jan 2019

  • Project Page:

  • Technical Art Pipeline

  • Automated much of the asset creation and exporting.​

  • Helped defined custom workflows for creating interactive plants.

  • Handled workflow for creating and maintaining prefabs and scene / project hierarchies.

  • Animation blend trees and C# scripting behaviors.​

  • Level Design, Prototyping, and Building.

  • Gameplay Mechanics Prototyping for musical plants.

  • Translating designers concepts into levels and assets.

  • Modeling and Texturing of Environments and Plants.

  • Profiling and Asset Optimization for Android based Oculus Quest.

  • Lots of work on reducing draw calls, LODs, Occlusion Culling, Lightmap Baking. 

Project: AR Soccer Replay


Aug 2018 – Oct 2018

  • Created realistic animated character kicking ball into net.​

  • Helped with designing and creating the UI / UX for controlling the scale and speed of the replay.

  • Created and wrote gameplay code for controlling replay, animations, and FX.

Project: VR Badminton Game


Feb 2018 – May 2018

  • Project Page:

  • Co-Designed the Avatar suits, rackets, and kelp shuttlecock.

  • Co-Designed and created the surrounding environment, including the water, caustics, plant life, lighting, and post processing.

  • Designing the UX / UI for a system where players must enter their date of birth, and select which hand they hold the racket with.

  • Animating and creating the UI  and FX for the ending screens when a player wins or loses.

  • Scripting a custom "chaperone" boundaries system to prevent players from straying outside their play space.

Co-Founder / Lead Designer
RareFaction Interactive
Sep 2016 – Feb 2018


  • VR Interactive Music Project (Cancelled)

    • Helped create objects that could be thrown and broken into pieces that fell and played sounds that synced to the beats of the music.

    • Helped create UI / UX for musical sequencers.

    • Helped create VR voice sampler to record singing / rapping and playback synced to music.

  • Freeman VR (Architectural Walkthrough Visualizations)

    • Project Page:

    • Created menu system with a 3d laser pointer for selecting each experience.

    • Modeled, textured, and lit visualizations of trade show booths where clients can teleport around the space to evaluate the design before approving a physical build of the space.

    • Created an interactive showcase of the capabilities of a F-16 fighter jet, including a user interface which animates and describes major systems.

    • Created a 360 video concert that simulates social media interaction among audience members.

  • VRAIN (VR Brain MRI Editing and Visualization of Alzheimer Data)

    • Project Page:​

    • Designed how to visualize 2D cross sections as 3d layers that could be scaled, edited, and distinguished from relevant and irrelevant data.

    • Designed how to quickly and intuitively select 3d pixels for removal or undo edits.

    • Designed the UX and UI for toggling between different parts of the brain and ways to visualize the data with color coding. 

Freelance Technical Artist / XR Designer

Jan 2016 – Sep 2016

Senior Research Associate
USC School of Cinematic Arts

Worldbuilding Media Lab -

Leviathan Project:

  • Worked on research related to worldbuilding and exploring the future of immersive storytelling.

  • Managed the day to day activities of the lab.

  • Co‐authored project proposals.

  • Conducted research into new VR and AR technologies.

  • Lead production teams of students to execute and create VR and AR applications.

  • Taught labs on VR and AR technology.

USC School of Cinematic Arts


Worldbuilding Media Lab -

Leviathan Project:

  • Worked on research related to worldbuilding and exploring the future of immersive storytelling.

  • Conducted research into new VR and AR technologies.

  • Lead production teams of students to execute and create VR and AR applications.

  • Taught labs on VR and AR technology.

Project Administrator
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

MedVR Group -

  • Project Page:

  • Managed 9 person team of developers creating large scale urban combat VR simulations for rehabilitation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and stress resilience training for the prevention of PTSD.

  • Evaluated project goals and requirements.

  • Defined agile tasks and solicited estimates from developers and artists.

  • Drafted project plans and schedules.

  • Interfaced with internal artists to define our art requirements and priorities.

Interaction Designer
USC Institute for Creative Technologies


MxR Lab -

  • Constructed custom head mounted displays

  • Created content for Head Mounted Projectors

  • Experimented with Pseudo Holographic Transparent Screens

  • Created content for experiments in Redirected Walking in VR

MedVR Group -

  • Project Page:

  • Handled level and feature design for large scale urban combat simulations for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Helped with setting up triggers, vehicles, character controllers, animations, lighting, effects and C# scripting of events in levels in Unity.

  • Researched common traumatic experiences and military hardware and maintained design documents outlining project requirements.

  • Helped design and create art and code for game prototypes using the Kinect for motor rehabilitation. More information on this project can be found here:

3D Generalist / Technical Artist
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

  • Project Page:

  • Created 3d content for large scale urban combat VR simulations used for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

  • Worked as a generalist on modeling, texturing, animation and effects to create buildings, terrain, characters, vehicles, explosions, gunfire, UI, etc.

  • Worked on all aspects of pipeline development, streamlining workflows with scripts and custom exporters.

  • Exported assets and integrated them into Gamebryo and later Unity.

  • Helped with Lua and C# scripting.

  • Handled QA testing, bug reporting, and documentation.

  • Created and edited animations, and videos for various mixed‐reality research projects.

Character Animator / Computer Graphics Artist
Micoy, Inc.

  • Project Page:

  • Collaborated with associates to define applications for the company’s stereoscopic panoramic video content.

  • Planned and directed video productions.

  • Camera tracking, HDR light probe photography, animation of photoreal animals.

  • Composited all elements into final stereoscopic panoramas.

  • Gave demonstrations of VR content to the public.

  • Helped maintain hardware functionality.


3d Modeler
VRAC, Iowa State University

  • Performed volunteer work at the Virtual Reality Application Center at Iowa State University.

  • Worked on level of detail models of the Taj Mahal in MultiGen Creator, as well as converting and importing character models into CAVE applications.


Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media – May 2006
Division of Interactive Media
School of Cinematic Arts
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

  • Game Design

  • Immersive Media

  • Installation Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design – Dec 2002
College of Design
Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Ames, Iowa

  • Computer Animation

  • Installation Art

  • Studio Arts

  • Mixed Media

  • Photography


  1. Virtual Reality as a Tool for Delivering PTSD Exposure Therapy and Stress Resilience Training (Albert Rizzo, Bruce Sheffield John, Brad Newman, Josh Williams, Arno Hartholt, Clarke Lethin, John Galen Buckwalter), In Military Behavioral Health, volume 1, 2012.

  2. STRIVE: Stress Resilience in Virtual Environments: A Pre-Deployment VR System for Training Emotional Coping Skills and Assessing Chronic and Acute Stress Responses (Albert Rizzo, John Galen Buckwalter, Bruce Sheffield John, Brad Newman, Thomas D. Parsons, Patrick G. Kenny, Josh Williams), In Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, volume 19, 2012.

  3. Stress resilience in virtual environments: training combat relevant emotional coping skills using virtual reality (Albert Rizzo, Bruce Sheffield John, Josh Williams, Brad Newman, Sebastian Koenig, Belinda Lange, John Galen Buckwalter), In International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies, 2012.

  4. Virtual Reality Goes to War: A Brief Review of the Future of Military Behavioral Healthcare (Albert Rizzo, Thomas D. Parsons, Belinda Lange, Patrick G. Kenny, John Galen Buckwalter, Barbara O. Rothbaum, JoAnn Difede, John Frazier, Brad Newman), In Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, volume 18, 2011.

  5. Leveraging Unencumbered Full Body Control of Animated Virtual Characters for Game-Based Rehabilitation (Belinda Lange, Evan Suma, Brad Newman, Thai Phan, Chien-Yen Chang, Albert Rizzo, Mark Bolas), In HCI International, 2011.

  6. Development and Clinical Results from the Virtual Iraq Exposure Therapy Application for PTSD (Albert Rizzo, Brad Newman, Thomas D. Parsons, JoAnn Difede, Greg Reger, Kevin Holloway, Greg Gahm, Robert N. McLay, Scott Johnston, Ken Graap, Josh Spitalnick, Patrick Bordnick, Barbara O. Rothbaum),In Proceedings

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